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Water treatment chemicals

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High quality water treatment chemicals that needs every chemical, pharmaceutical and formulation industries in India.

Swimming pool chemicals


Best and superior grade swimming pool chemicals & water treatment chemicals for treatment of water & water softener. Best for resorts, hotels & individuals.

Industrial water treatment


High quality industrial water treatment chemicals for COD & BOD removal from waster water. Contact us for more details



Pat Impex a leading manufacturer of Industrial polymers, phosphonates, corrosion inhibitors & biocides with high quality.

Boiler water treatment


Treating your boiler with our chemicals. We offer best quality boiler water treatment chemicals in India.

Corrosion Inhibitors


We offer high quality corrosion inhibitors for treating any corrosion. Complete range of customized corrosion inhibitors.

Swimming pool chemicals

Swimming pool chemicals : India

Leading exporter, supplier & manufacturer of swimming pool chemicals based at Vadodara, Gujarat, India.

  • Alum Powder
  • Boiler Treatment Chemicals
  • Calcium Hypochlorite 
  • Chlorine Dioxide
  • Chlorine Dioxide
  • Dry Strength Resin
  • Glutaraldehyde 50%
  • Magic Tcca 83% (Granules, Tablets)
  • Poly Aluminium Chloride (Powder And Liquid)
  • Poly Dadmac 40%
  • Polyelectrolyte (Liquid) (Anionic, Cationic, Nonionic)
  • Polyelectrolyte/polyacrylamide (Anionic, Cationic, Nonionic)
  • Ro Antiscalant
  • Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate 60%   (Granules, Tablets, Powder)
  • Sodium Hypochlorite 1% To 12% Solution In Drums And Tanker Load
  • Sodium Perborate Monohydrate And Tetrahydrate
  • Sodium Percarbonate Coated
  • Super Absorbent Polymer (Sodium And Potassium Grade)
  • Tetra Acetyl Ethyelene Diamine (Blue And Green)
  • Trichloroisocyanuric Acid (Tcca 90%) (Granules, Tablets, Powder)
  • Water Decolouring Agent


swimming pool chemicals

Trichloroisocyanuric Acid


TCCA 90%  supplier in form of Granules, Tablets, Tubes & Powder form with packing of 25 & 50 kgs.

Dry Acid

Dry acid for swimming pool treating pH and alkalinity of water by pat impex, india

Dry acid available for swimming pool for treating pH and total alkalinity of water.

Muriatic Acid


High quality Muriatic Acid for cleaning of metal and brick cleaning. 

Algaecide Liquid


Protect your swimming pool with our algaecide liquid. 100% effective and accurate.

Sodium Hypochlorite


Sodium Hypochlorite is a cost effective and accurate  for treating swimming pools.

Sodium Sulphite

Sodium sulphite for swimming pool

 It is used in water treatment as an oxygen scavenger agent 

Sodium perborate mono & tetra

Importer of Sodium Perborate Monohydrate & Tetrahydrate

Pat Impex is a multi product chemical company and a supplier, exporter and importer of Sodium Perborate monohydrate & tetrahydrate in Vadodara, Vapi, Mumbai, Ankleshwar, Pune, Thane, Chennai, Kolkata, Karnataka and India. 

Sodium perborate is a white, free-flowing crystalline compounds soluble in water. Sodium Perborate is a stable, solid source of active oxygen.

Sodium perborate exists in the anhydrous, mono, tri and tetrahydrate forms (mono and tetrahydrate forms are important commercially). Sodium perborate tetrahydrate is prepared by reaction of sodium borate with hydrogen peroxide. Sodium perborate releases back hydrogen peroxide, if dissolved in water. Its properties in aqueous solution are practically similar to them of a solution of hydrogen peroxide. Accordingly, sodium perborate is considered as a solid form of hydrogen peroxide used as a strong oxidizing agent in various industry including in detergent.

In comparison with solution of hydrogen peroxide, Solid form of sodium perborate compounds provide better conditions of stability and convenient handling. Sodium perborate monohydrate provides a high available oxygen content equivalent to 32% hydrogen peroxide – 50% more active oxygen than the same weight of sodium perborate tetrahydrate. Its oxidative power improves the cleaning, bleaching, stain removal and deodorizing performance. TAED (Tetraacetyl Ethylenediamine) can be added to lower down working temperature.

The principal sources of boron for the production of sodium perborates are the minerals Kernite, Na2B4O7.4H2O, and Tincal, Na2B4O7.10H2O. Both the mono and tetrahydrate of sodium perborate are used as oxidising and bleaching agents in cleaning, cosmetic and pharmaceutical preparations but their main application is in detergents. Typically a detergent will contain up to 15 wt% of the tetrahydrate and/or up to 10% of the monohydrate. The monohydrate is preferred if rapid solution is required.

Packing Size : 25 kgs 

Available form : Powder & Granules


Trichloroisocyanuric Acid - tcca 90%

Swimming pool tcca 90% trichloroisocyanuric acid in India

Swimming pool chemicals

TCCA is used in swimming pools to furnish chlorine and hence acts as a disinfectant. When added in the pool, it combines with water to give Cyanuric Acid and Hypochlorous Acid (HClO).

TCCA-90 is the most common product available and contains 90% Chlorine. It is available in various forms and varied sizes such as granular, tablet etc.

Trichloroisocyanuric Acid - TCCA 90%

Pat Impex is a leading importer, supplier & distributor of TCCA 90% in form of Granules, Powder, Tubes, Tablet and serving in Vadodara, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Goa, Daman, Silvassa, Vapi, Surat, South India, North India, Chennai, Kolkata, Bhuj, Rajasthan and other Indian States.

Water Treatment Chemicals Available

Vadodara, Vapi, Pune, Mumbai, Thane, Goa, Diu, Daman, Silvassa, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, India.

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