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High quality certified food colours for food industry with wide range


Intermediates for Pigments & Dyes

(3-Amino P-Anisanilide) (AAAA)

1 (2 | 4--Dichloro Phenyl-2-Imidazole-1-Yl-Ethan-2-Ol)

1 | 2 | 3-Benzotriazole

1 | 2-Di (2-Aminophenoxy) Ethane

1 | 2-Di (2-Aminophenoxy) Ethane Dihydrochloride

1 | 3-Di Imino Isoindoline

1 | 4-Phenylene Diamine-2

1 | 4-Phenylene Diamine-3-Sulphonic Acid

1 | 6 Di Amino Hexane Di HCl (Hexa Methylene Di Amine Di Hcl)

1 | 7-Cleve's Acid (1-Naphthylamine-7-Sulphonic Acid)


1(2-6-Dichloro) Phenyl-3-Methyl-5-Pyrozolone

1-(2-Methyl-4-Sulfo) Phenyl-3-Methyl-5-Pyrzolone

1-(3 Sulfophenyl)-3-Methyl-5-Pyrazolone

1(3-Chlorophenyl)-3-Methyl-5-Pyrazolone (M-Chloro PMP)



1(4-Sulfophenyl)-3-Carboxy-5-Pyrazolone (SPCP)


1(4-Sulfophenyl)-3-Methyl-5-Pyrazolone (SPMP)

1-(4-Tolyl) Phenyl-3- Methyl-5-Pyrazolone

1-(4-Tolyl)-3-Methyl-5-Pyrazolone (PTPMP)

1-(O- Chloro) Phenyl-3-Methyl-5-Pyrazolone

1-(O-Chloro -4-Sulfo)Phenyl-3-Methyl-5-Pyrazolone

1-Acetylamino-7-Naphthol (8-Acetylamino-2-Naphthol)

1-Amino 7-Naphthol

1-Amino-2:5-Dicarbmethoxy Benzene

1-Amino-2:5-Dimethoxy Benzene (Methyl) Sulfanilide



1-Amino-3:5-Dicarbmethoxy Benzene

1-Amino-4'-Carbamido Benzanilide

1-Amino-7-Naphthol (2-Hydroxy-8-Naphthylamine)

1-Meta Sulfo Phenyl-3-Methyl-5-Pyrazolone

1-Naphthol-8-Sulfonic Acid





1-Phenyl-3-Methyl-5-Pyrazolone (PMP)

2 | 2'-4-Trichloro Acetophenone

2 | 4 | 5-Trichloro Aniline

2 | 4 | 6-Trichloro Aniline

2 | 4-Dinitro Aniline

2 | 4-Dinitro Chloro Benzene (2 | 4 DNCB)

2 | 5-Diamino Benzoic Acid

2 | 5-Dichloro Aniline (2 | 5 DCA)

2 | 5-Dichloro Aniline Para Sulfonic Acid

2 | 5-Dichloro Diphenylamine

2 | 5-Dichloro Nitro Benzene

2 | 5-Dichloro Para Nitro Aniline

2 | 6-Dichloro Diphenylamine

2 | 6-Dichloro Para Nitro Aniline

2- Diazo-1-Napthol-5-Sodium Sulphonate Monohydrate

2:2':5:5'-Tetrachloro Benzidine

2:4:5-Trichloro Aniline

2:4-Dinitro Aniline

2-4-Dihydroxy Quinoline


2-6-Dichloro Phenol

2-Acetyl-4-Amido Phenol

2-Acetylamino Phenol

2-Amino Phenol Para Methyl Sulfone

2-Amino-5-bromo Benzonitrile

2-Anisidine-4-Sulphonic Acid

2-Chloro Aniline-5-Sulphonic Acid (Chloro Metanilic Acid)

2-Chloro-P-Phenylene Diamine

2-Dimethyl Sulfanilide

2-Disulfonic Acid

2-Disulphonic Acid

2-Hydrazino-4-Sulpho Benzoic Acid

2-Hydrazino-5-Sulpho Benzoic Acid

2-Mercapto Benzimidazol (2MBI)

2-Methyl Anthraquinone

Intermediates for Pigments & Dyes

2-Naphthylamine-5-Sulphonic Acid


2-Naphthylamine-8-Hydroxy 3

2-Naphthylamine-8-Hydroxy-6-Sulphonic Acid

2-Nitro Para Amino Diphenyl Amine Para Sulfonic Acid

2R Acid (R | R Acid)

3 | 3-Diamino Diphenyl Sulfone

3 | 3-Dichloro Benzidine Dihydro Chloride

3 | 4-Dichloro Aniline (3 | 4 DCA)

3 | 4-Dichloro Nitro Benzene

3 | 4-Thiadiazole

3 | 5-Dinitro Benzoic Acid)

3-(N | N-Diethyl) Amino-4-Methoxy Acetanilide

3-(N-2-Cyano Ethyl-N-2-Hydroxythyl) Amino-4-Methoxy Acetanilide

3:3 Dichloro Benzidine Dihydrochloride

3-5-Dihydroxy Benzoic Acid

3-Amino 4' Carbamido P-Anisanilide

3-Amino 4:5'-Dichloro-2'-Methyl Benzanilide

3-Amino Benzanilide

3-Amino Benzanilide

3-Amino Phenyl Urea

3-Amino-3':4-Dichloro-2'-Methyl Benzanilide

3-Amino-4-Carbmethoxy Benzamide

3-Amino-4-Chloro Benzamide

3-Amino-4-Chloro Benzoic Acid

3-Amino-4-Chloro Benzoic Acid

3-Amino-4-Chloro N Methyl Benzamide

3-Amino-4-Methyl-4'-Sulfo Benzanilide

3-Disulfonic Acid

3-Methoxy-4-Amino Azo Benzene Sulphonic Acid

3-N | N-Di-(2-Ocetyloxy Ethyl) Amino-4-Methoxy-Acetanilide

3-Nitro Phthalic Acid

3-Nitro-4-Chloro Benzoic Acid

3-Nitro-4-Toluidine (MNPT)

3-Phenylene Diamine

4 | 4-Diamino Benz Sulfanilide

4 | 4-Diamino Benzanilide

4 | 4-Diamino Diphenylamine Ortho Sulfonic Acid

4 | 4-Diamino Stilbine-2-2-Disulfonic Acid

4 | 4-Dihydrazino Stilbene-2

4 Disulphonic Acid

4:5-Dichloro Aniline-2-Sulphonic Acid

4-Acetyl Benzonitrile

4-Amino Acetanilide-2-Sulphonic Acid

4-Amino Acetanilide-3-Sulphonic Acid

4-Amino Azo Benzene-4-Sulphonic Acid

4-Amino Benzanilide

4-Amino Diphenylamine 2 Sulphonic Acid (2 Aniline 5 Amino Benzene 2 Sulphonic Acid)

4-Amino-2:5-Di Methoxy Benzene Sulfanilide

4-Amino-2:5-Di Methoxy Benzene Sulfonamide

4-Amino-N-[4-(Aminocarbonyl) Phenyl] Benzamide


4-Carboxy Phenyl Hydrazine Hcl

4-Chloro Ortho Amino Phenol

4-Chloro Ortho Amino Phenol-6-Sulfonic Acid

4-Chloro Phenyl Hydrazine Hcl

4-Chloro-2:5-Dimethoxy Aniline

4-Chloro-2-Amino Phenol

4-Chloro-2-Amino Phenol-6-Sulphonic Acid

4-Disulfonic Acid

4hydroxy Benzo Phenone

4-Hydroxy N-Methyl 2-Quinolone

4-Methoxy Phenyl Hydrazine Hcl

4-Mino Pyridine

4-Nitro Meta Phenylene Diamine

4-Nitro Ortho Amino Phenol

4-Nitro Ortho Amino Phenol-6-Sulfonic Acid

4-Nitro Ortho Aminophenol-4-Sulfonic Acid

4-Nitro Ortho Phenylene Diamine

4-Nitro Para Amino Diphenyl Amine-2-sulfonic Acid (FC Acid)

4-Nitro Phenyl Hydrazine Hcl

4-Nitro Phthalic Acid


4-Nitro-2-Amino Phenol

Intermediates for Pigments & Dyes

4-Nitro-2-Amino Phenol-6-Sulphonic Acid

4-Nitro-4-Mino Stibine-2

4-Sulfo Anthranilic Acid

4-Sulfo Phthalic Acid

4-Sulpho Anthranilic Acid


5 Disulphonic Acid

5- Hydroxy Isophthalic Acid

5-(2-Hydroxy-3-Naphthoyl)-Amino Benzimidazolone

5:6-Diamino Benzimidazolone

5-Acetylamino Anthranilic Acid

5-Amino Benzimidazolone

5-Amino Benzimidazolone

5-Amino Phthalimide

5-Amino=6-Methyl Benzimidazolone

5-Amino-2-Chloro-4-Sulphonic Benzoic Acid

5-Aminoisophthalic Acid

5-Benzyl Sulfonyl O-Anisidine

5-Chloro Salicylic Acid

5-Chloro-2 Nitro Aniline

5-Chloro-2:4-Dimethoxy Aniline

5-Disulfonic Acid

5-Disulphonic Acid

5-Disulphonic Acid

5-Disulphonic Acid

5-Methoxy-2-Methyl-4-Amino Benzene (Methyl) Sulfonamide


5-Nitro Anthranilic Acid

5-Nitro Anthranilic Acid

5-Nitro Isophthalic Acid

5-Nitro-2-Amino Phenol

5-Sulpho Anthranilic Acid

6-Acetylamino-2-Amino Phenol-4-Sulphonic Acid

6-Amino Ortho Acetamino Phenol Para Sulfonic Acid

6-Chloro-2-Amino Phenol-4-Sulphonic Acid

6-Chloro-4-Nitro-2-Amino Phenol

6-Disulfonic Acid

6-Disulphonic Acid

6-Nitro Benzoxazole

6-Nitro-1-Diazo-2-Naphthol-4-Sulfonic Acid

6-Nitro-1-Diazo-2-Naphthol-4-Sulphonic Acid

6-Nitro-2-Amino Phenol-4-Sulphonic Acid

8-Amino Quinaldine

8-Amino-2-Methyl Quinoline

8-Disulphonic Acid (Amido G Salt)


Aceto acet-5-Amino Benzimidazolone

Acetyl (4-Hydroxy Phenyl) Piperazine




Al Coupler

Aluminium Chloride Anhydrous (Powder |  Granules)

Amba Base

Amino Anisic Acid Anilide

Amino Benzo Phenone

Amino G Acid/Amino Iso G Acid/Amino R Acid

Amino Imino Isoindoline

Amino-1:4-Dimethyl Terephthalate

Amino-3:5-Dimethyl Isophthalate

Aniline Meta Sulphonamide

Anthranilamide (2-Amino Benzamide)

Anthranilic Acid

Anthraquinone Base

Armstrong Acid

Benzaldehyde Ortho Sulfonic Acid (Sodium Salt)

Benzedine 2:2 Disulfonic Acid

Intermediates for Pigments & Dyes


Benzene Sulphonamide



Benzoyl J Acid

Benzyl-3-Amino-4-Methoxy Phenyl Sulfone

Beta Naphthol

BI Coupler

Bis Azo Barbituric Acid

Bon Acid

Bon Acid

Bon Acid Amide

Broenners Acid

Bronner's Acid

Butyl Anthranilate

Casella Acid


Chromotropic Acid

CLT Acid

Cupric Chloride/Cuprous Chloride

D Acid


Di Imino Isoindoline (1 Amino-3-Iminoisoindolenine)

Di Isopropyl 5-Nitroisophthalate

Dihydralazine Sulphate


Dimethyl-5-Nitro Isophthalate

Dioxy G Acid

Dioxy G Acid

Dioxyr Acid


Epsilon Acid Disodium Salt

Europeank Acid

Fast Blue B Base (Pigment Grade)

Fast Bordeaux GP Base

Fast Red B Base

Fast Red Itr Base

Fast Scarlet Lg Base

Fast Scarlet R Base

Fast Violet B Base

G Salt

G Salt

Gamma Acid

H Acid

H-Acid (Spray Dried Powder)




J Acid

J-Acid (1-Naphthol-5-Sulphonic Acid)

J-Acid Urea

K Acid

K Acid

Koch Acid

Laurent Acid

Meta Amino 5 Sulfo Salicylic Acid

Meta Amino Acetanilide

Meta Amino Acetanilide Para Sulfonic Acid

Meta Amino Benzoic Acid

Meta Base Ester

Meta Bromo Anisole

Meta Chlor Aniline

Meta Chlor-1-Phenyl-3-Methyl-5-Pyrazolone

Meta Nitro Aniline

Meta Nitro Benzo Nitrile

Meta Nitro Benzoic Acid

Meta Nitro Para Chloro Benzonic Acid

Meta Nitro Para Toluidine

Meta Phenylene Diamine 2 Sulphonic Acid

Meta Phenylene Diamine 4-6 Disulphonic Acid

Meta Phenylene Diamine Disulfonic Acid

Meta Phenylene Diamine-4-Sulfonic Acid

Meta Sulpho Phenyl Gamma Acid

Meta Ureido Aniline Hydrochloride

Intermediates for Pigments & Dyes

Metanilic Acid

Metanilic Acid

Methyl Anthranilate

Methyl Anthranilate

Methyl Anthranilate

Methyl Toluene Sulphonamide

Mixed Cleves Acid

N | N-Di-(2-Hydroxy Ethyl) M- Amino Acetanilide

N | N-Di-(2-Hydroxy Ethyl)-M-Chloro Aniline

N | N-Di-(2-Hydroxy Ethyl)-M-Chloro Aniline

N Methyl Gamma Acid

N Methyl-J-Acid

N-(2 Acetyloxyethyl)-N-(2-Cyanoethyl) Aniline

Naphthalene Base

Naptha - Sultone

Napthelene 1

N-Carboxy Phenyl Gamma Acid

Nevile And Winter's Acid

N-Methyl Gamma Acid

N-Methyl-J Acid

N-Phenyl J Acid

N-Phenyl-Alpha Naphthyl Amine

NW Acid (1-Naphthol-4-Sulphonic Acid Sodium Salt)

Ortho Amino Phenol-4-Sulfonamide

Ortho Amino-5-Methyl-1

Ortho Amono Phenol-4-Sulfonic Acid

Ortho Anisidine

Ortho Anisidine 4 Sulfonic Acid

Ortho Anisidine-5-Sulfone Diethylamide

Ortho Benzaldehyde Sulphonic Acid Sodium Salt

Ortho Bromo Benzonitrile

Ortho Chloro Aniline

Ortho Chloro Aniline-5-Sulfonic Acid

Ortho Chloro Benzonitrile

Ortho Chloro Para Nitro Aniline

Ortho Chloro Para Nitro Aniline (OCPNA)

Ortho Chloro Para Nitro Aniline (Ocpna)

Ortho Chloro Phenol

Ortho Cyano-4-Methyl Biphenyl

Ortho Dianisidine (Oda-Pigment Grade)

Ortho Dianisidine Base (Fast Blue B Base)

Ortho Dianisidine Dihydrochloride

Ortho Dichloro Benzene (ODCB)

Ortho Nitro Aniline

Ortho Nitro Aniline Para Sulfonic Acid

Ortho Nitro Aniline Para Sulphonic Acid (ONAPSA)

Ortho Nitro Aniline/Para Nitro Aniline

Ortho Nitro Benzoic Acid

Ortho Nitro Benzonitrile

Ortho Pheneylene Diamine (OPDA)

Ortho Phenoxy Aniline

Ortho Phenoxy Nitro Benzene

Ortho Toluidine-2

Ortho Tolyl Meta Amino Phenol

Orthophenoxy Methane Sulphonanilide

Para Amino Acetanilide

Para Amino Azo Benzene

Para Amino Azo Benzene-3:4-Disulfonic Acid

Para Amino Azo Benzene-4-Sulfonic Acid

Para Amino Benzamide

Para Amino Benzamide

Para Amino Benzanilide

Para Amino Diphenylamine Ortho Sulfonic Acid

Para Amino N Methyl Acetanilide

Para Aminoacetanilide-3-Sulfonic Acid

Para Anisidine-2-Sulfonic Acid

Para Anisidine-3-Sulfonic Acid

Para Bromo Benzonitrile

Para Carboxy Benzene Sulphonamide

Para Chlor Benzhudrol

Para Chloro Aniline

Para Chloro Aniline Hcl

Para Chloro Benzene Sulphonamide

Para Chloro Benzene Sulphonyl Urea

Intermediates for Pigments & Dyes

Para Chloro Benzhydryl Piperazine

Para Chloro Benzonitrile

Para Chloro Benzophenone

Para Chloro Meta Cresol

Para Chloro Ortho Nitro Aniline

Para Chloro Ortho Nitro Aniline (PCONA)

Para Chloro Para Hydroxy Benzophenone

Para Chloro Phenol

Para Cresidine Ortho Sulfonic Acid

Para Cyano Acetophenone

Para Ehtoxy Phenyl Alpha Naphthylamine

Para Hydroxy Benzal Dehyde

Para Methoxy Acetophenone Acetic Acid

Para Methoxy Meta Amino Benzamide

Para Methoxy Phenyl Acetic Acid

Para Methoxy-3-Nitro Benzoic Acid

Para Methyl Meta Amino Benzamide

Para Nitro Aniline

Para Nitro Aniline

Para Nitro Aniline Ortho Sulfonic Acid

Para Nitro Aniline Ortho Sulphonic Acid (PNAOSA)

Para Nitro Benzoic Acid

Para Nitro Benzonitrile

Para Nitro Benzyl Bromide

Para Nitro Chloro Benzene Ortho Sulfonic Acid

Para Nitro Phehol Salt

Para Nitro Phenol Sodium Salt

Para Nitro Toluene-O-Sulfonic Acid

Para Nitrobenzyl Alcohol

Para Phenylene Diamine Disulfonic Acid

Para Phenylene Diamine Ortho Sulfonic Acid

Para Toluene Sulphnamide

Para Toluene Sulphonyl Chloride

Para Toluene Sulphonyl Urea

Peri Acid

Phenyl Gamma Acid

Pigment Blue 15:1 |  15:2 |  15:3

Pigmetn Green 7

Pyrozolone Base



R Salt

Resist Salt


S-(2-Guanidine Thiazole-4-Yl-Methyl) Isothiourea-2- Hydrochloride


Schaeffers Acid/Salt

Schaffer's Salt (Sodium Salt & Pottasium Salt)

Silver Salt

Sodiosulpho Dimethyl Isophthalate (DCBMS)

Sodiosulpho Isophthalic Acid (Na-SIPA)


Sodium Benzene Sulphinate

Sodium Naphthionate

Sodium Para Toluene Sulphinate

Sodium Salt Of Bon Acid


Sulfanilic Acid

Sulfo C Acid

Sulfo J Acid

Sulfo Tobias Acid

Sulpho Phenyl Gamma Acid (M-Sulphophenyl Gamma Acid)

Sulpho Tobias Acid

Sulphonyl-3-Chloro Propinamide


Tobias Acid (Pigment Grade)

Trans-1-Cinnamyl Piperazine

Vinyl Sulfone Base On Acetanilide

Vinyl Sulfone Base On Acetanilide

Vinyl Sulfone Base On Bronner's Acid

Vinyl Sulfone Ester Of 2 | 5 Dimethoxy Aniline

Vinyl Sulfone Ester Of Ortho-Anisidine

Vinyl Sulfone Pyrozolone

Vinyl Sulphone Ester Of Para Cresidine

Violet Acid

Yellow 138

Yellow 150

Yellow 183