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Top Branded Control Systems for Automation, Engineering, Pharmaceuticals & Chemicals

Automation Components

Automation components and its solution by Pat Impex, India.

High quality automation components for every industry in India.

Pneumatic Control

Pneumatic Control solutions by Pat Impex, India

Offering services in Pneumatic Control solutions in India.

By Pat Impex, Automation Company

Our Expertise

We offer complete application based solutions to all pneumatic control problems & automation technology to the customers in Gujarat & India. We have strong technical marketing skilled staff to resolve any automation related query. 

Festo Products

Electric Axis & Drives

Pat Impex India, is a dealer, distributor & supplier of Festo Make products in Vadodara, Vapi, Gujarat, India (North India & South India).

Cylinders with piston rod

Standards-based cylinders

Round cylinders

Stainless steel cylinders

Compact, short stroke & flat cylinder

Cartridge cylinder & multi mount cylinder

Cylinder with clamping unit

Rodless cylinders

Mechanical coupling

Magnetic coupling

Semi-rotary drives

Semi-rotary drives with rotary vane

Semi-rotary drives with rack & pinion

Swivel-linear drive units


Electrically and pneumatically actuated directional control valves

Mechanically and manually actuated directional control valves

Shut-off valves

Pressure control valves

Flow control valves

Proportional valves

Media and process valves

Pneumatic control systems

Accessories for valves

Stopper cylinders

DFST stopper cylinder

Stopper cylinders STA, STAF

Clamping cylinders

Clamping modules

Linear/swivel clamp

Valve terminals

Standards based valve terminals

Universal valve terminals

Application-specific valve terminals

Electrical peripherals

Accessories for valve terminals

Rotary indexing tables

DHTG rotary indexing table

Pneumatic feed units

Feed units BV

Servo drives for process automation

Semi-rotary drives for process automation

Linear drives for process automation

Accessories for drives for process automation 

Cylinder-valve combinations

Configurable cylinder and valve combinations DNC-V

Shock absorbers

Shock absorbers DYSR

Shock absorbers YSR-C

Shock absorbers YSRW

Shock absorbers YSRWJ

Shock absorbers DYEF

Shock absorbers DYSC

Shock absorbers DYSW

Hydraulic cushioning cylinder DYHR, YD, YZL

Cylinder attachments and accessories

Mounting components for drive units

Mounting components for sensors

Piston rod attachments

Accessories for direct valve mounting

Linear guides

Clamping elements

Freewheel unit

Accessories for cushioning components

Drive-specific accessories