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Switchgear, Relays, Contactor

Welcome to PAT IMPEX, SwitchGear & Relay Information 

We are the proud caterers of quality products and services spreading slowly and steadily throughout the world. Our network area includes the markets of India, Australia, New Zealand, Ghana, Iraq, Kenya, Libya, Namibia, Nepal, Nigeria, Swaziland and so on. Based in Vadodara (Gujarat), the company has conquered both the Indian and International markets quite magnificently. We, PAT IMPEX successfully deal in various electrical components like the Switchgear, Vacuum Circuit Breakers, Air Circuit Breakers, and what not. Our services are exclusive and gratifying enough. Choose us, and you shall know instantly!

With rich industry experience and knowledge, PAT IMPEX engaged in offering a wide range of  Switchgears. The offered range is manufactured by our associated vendors using high grade components and latest technology in compliance with market prevalent norms. This range is widely appreciated for high performance, longer service life, shock resistance, easy installation and durability. Available in various specifications, We offer various switchgears as follows

L&T, Siemens, ABB,  Alstom, Kaizen, Lucy, Sudhir, GE, Schneider, Low Voltage, HV/MV, GIS Switchgear, Medium Voltage, Electrical Switchgear Available.

PAT IMPEX also associate vendors of PLC based design control panels manufactures and suppliers 




Contactor is an electrically controlled switch which is used to switch a power circuit. Our range of Contactors is used to provide central control of heavy lightening installations like retail and office building. Procured from reputed vendor-base, these contactors ensure resistance against shocks and vibrations.


Overload Relays

It gives us immense pleasure to present our clients a wide series of Overload Relays. Our spectrum of relays is used for the protection of circuit from short circuits and overload under normal working conditions. These products are known for their reliable performance, longer service life and easy maintenance.



We are specialised in carrying out Testing & Commissioning of following Electrical Equipment. 

Outdoor Equipments

Indoor Equipments

  • HV Switchyards
  • Isolators
  • Current Transformers
  • Earthing Installations
  • Potential Transformers
  • Circuit Breakers
  • Power & Distribution Transformers
  • HT & LT Switch Gears
  • Current Transformers (CT)
  • Potential Transformers (PT)
  • Relay Control Panels
  • PCC
  • MCC
  • Cables
  • Bus Ducts


Servicing, Testing & Calibration of Protective Relays i.e., current relays, voltage relays, power relays, generator relays, etc. (All of various makes – Areva, ABB, Siemens, Easun Reyrolle, GE-Multilink, SEGC, etc) by Secondary injection method. 
They shall be checked for their various characteristics as per manufacturer recommendation. Repairing of relays shall also be done. 

  • We are specialized in testing of Protective Relays of various makes i.e., ABB, Siemens, Areva, Reyrolle, GE-Multilink, SEGC, etc. These relays shall be electromagnetic, Numerical or Microprocessor based. 
  • Various Protection schemes shall be checked for their sensitivity and stability. 

We provide the full range of services like: 

  • Preparations of Single Line Diagram, including protection, control and interface details.  
  • Layout drawings like equipment layout, Cable routing, illumination system design, grounding & protection lightening systems. 
  • Preparation of Cable schedules, Control schematics and interconnection diagrams, panel board schedules etc. 
  • Detailed technical specifications of all equipment’s like CT, PT, LA, Transformer, Circuit Breakers, LA, CRP, MV/LV boards, Cables, Bus duct, Structures etc. 


  • Power system study, Short Circuit Calculation, Fault Level Calculation, Load flow analysis , relay setting and protection co-ordination etc. 
  • Protection system modernization, Retrofit and Refurbishment  
  • Protection scheme and system like, Differential, REF etc.
  • Revamping and retrofitting of switchgears, relays etc. for up-gradation of existing system with detail engineering 


  • Complete testing of Electromechanical and Static relays, Numerical Relays, Protection schemes, Outdoor Substations, GIS Substations, Indoor Substations etc. 
  • Expertise in testing and commissioning of relays of all makes like: English Electric, Alstom, Areva, ABB, Siemens, Jyoti, Easun Reyrolle, Ashida, G.E., Schneider etc. 
  • Inspection, Servicing, testing and calibration of protective and auxiliary relays, including minor repairs. 
  • Protection scheme testing: REF, Differential, Busbar differential scheme, pilot wire protection scheme, Synchronizing scheme for parallel operation of generator with Grid, Load shedding scheme for Grid Islanding, Bus transfer scheme 
  • Equipment testing: Power/Distribution transformer, Current & Potential transformer, Circuit Breaker, Lightening Arrestor, Isolators, NGR, NGT, Earth pit and Grid, HT/LT power cables, HT/LT motor etc. 
  • Panel Testing: Control and Relay panel, RTCC panel, Battery &Battery charger, HT/LT switchgear, MCC, PCC APFC, PDB, LDB, DCDB etc.  

Testing Equipment’s: 

  • Secondary Injection Kit (ISA ITALY) 
  • Primary Injection Kit (Up to 2000 Ampere) 
  • Transformer winding resistance and turn ratio meter 
  • Contact resistance kit and time interval meter 
  • Oil BDV testing kit (Motorised) 
  • Cable hi-pot testing kit (Up to 80kV) 
  • HT & LT insulation tester, earth resistance meter 
  • Vibration Analyzer 
  • Power Analyzer 
  • Harmonic Analyzer 

And all other equipments necessary for testing of electrical equipments.


  • We shall carry out overhauling, servicing, maintenance and testing of HT breakers (MOCB, BOCB, SF6, VCB, ABCB) and LT breakers (OCB & ACB) of various makes. Spares for outdated breakers shall also be developed. We are equipped with special tools required for the same. 
  • The complete electrical power distribution system shall be studied and required modifications / renovation / revamping or upgradation shall be done to keep in pace with the latest technology and standards of safety & operation.
  • Health Check-up of MV/LV Switchgear.
  • Health Check-up of MV/LV Panels.
  • Switchyard Maintenance.


  • We shall carry out total System study with calculation of fault level, preparation of SLD, short circuit calculation & relay setting as per system requirement. We shall be using ETAP software for the complete study. 
  • System study of plant distribution for adequate protection and perfection.
  • Fault level calculation and short circuit studies.
  • Protection relay co-ordination studies for grading of overcurrent and earthfault relays and unit protection relay settings for motor, transformer and generator.
  • The Power System Studies shall be carried out by the latest release of  ETAP  (Electrical Transiant Analyser Program) modules developed by   OTI-USA and KLG system Ltd., which is extremely versatile for solving majority of Power System Analysis Problems. 

System Design/Study Engineering consultancy in India-Gujarat

  • Power System Design Engineering and Consultancy
  • Power System Study Network Analysis and Solutions
  • Power System Mordernization Retrofit and Refurbishment
  • Protection System Relay and Scheme Testing.
  • Basic design and detail engineering for Electrical Power Distribution System.
  • Preparation of technical specifications for capital intensive items.
  • Relay Training
  • Invitation of bids and techno-commercial analysis.
  • Preparation of lay-out drawings, inter-connection drawings, single line diagram, earthing and lighting layouts, cable schedule and lay-out, control and protection schematics.
  • Stage and final inspection of electrical equipment for meeting guaranteed technical performance.
  • Study of existing protection system of plant with suggestions and renovations for plant betterment for optimum selection of protective relays.
  • Execution on turnkey basis for renovation and revamping switchgears, protective relays and Protective schemes based on comments of the Protection System Study Report.
  • For verification of authenticity of existing switchgear ratings as per the system operating conditions of the plant.
  • Fault level calculations can form a guideline for feasibility of existing switchgear for further expansion programmes.
  • Relay Co-ordination & System Study
  • 66KV Switchyard Design & Engineering.
  • Relay Training
  • Restricted Earth Fault (REF) protection scheme for Transformers.
  • Transformer and Generator Differential Protection schemes.
  • Busbar Differential Protection.
  • Protective Relaying Scheme for Generator as well as for parallel operation of Generator with Grid or parallel operation of Generators.
  • Load Shedding Schemes for prevention of the collapse of in-plant generation under overload condition. 

Power system study retrofit and refurbishment services in India-Gujarat

  • Power System Study and Modernization Retrofit and Refurbishment services with total support of application, supply, testing and configuration of numerical relays on Engineering Procurement and Construction EPC basis.
  • Conducting Electrical Power Distribution System Study and Remedies, Renovation, Modernization, Retrofit and Refurbishment of Electro-Mechanical and Static Relays by Numerical Relays including the Protection Schemes. 
  • Services shall include activities of selection and application of right type of Relay and Model to suit your requirement and Detail Engineering, Modification, Installation including configuration and setting of Relays and Relaying Scheme.
  • The Protection Package for Industries Electrical Power System includes Generator, Transformer, Motor, Feeder and other Protective Relays required by Industries wherein the Engineering of existing system shall be conducted and retrofit, refurbishment and modification work shall be undertaken. 


  • Inspection, servicing, testing and calibration of protective and auxiliary relays including minor repairs.
  • Physical inspection, cleaning of relays, wiring check and tightness of connections. Free movement of rotating parts, mechanically / electrically operated flags and contacts. Checks on trip isolating contacts, shorting of plug bridges.
  • Insulation resistance test.
  • Checking of electrical operation indicators, internal auxiliary elements, DC auxiliary and master trip relays for pick-up and drop-off values and drain current in case of Static, Microprocessor and Numerical  relays including resistance of coil.
  • Secondary injection tests on IDMTL – current – volt relay, instantaneous current volt relay, time delay relay, motor protection relay, differential relay and all other relay as per IS and manufacturers tests recommendation and commissioning manuals.


  • Visual inspection for any damage to relay.
  • Visual inspection of wiring and tightness of connections.
  • Visual inspection of PCB cards for any dry solder or abnormality.
  • Cleaning of relay body for proper insulation level.
  • Insulation resistance measurement between all terminal and body and between various circuits.
  • Checking for proper operation.
  • Measurement of Drain current (mA)
  • Checking for electrical LED indicator.
  • Checking of Binary Input / output, signaling relay, command relay and LED programming in case of 7SJ600 / 7RW600 relay.
  • Checking of Relay Settings values for proper operation of relay.
  • Checking of relay characteristics as per IS and manufacturers tests recommendation and commissioning manuals.

Our operation installed

Switchgear, Relays



  • Schneider Switchgear
  • ABB Switchgears
  • Flameproof Switchgear
  • Schneider Contactor
  • Schneider MCB
  • Schneider Plug Socket
  • Push Button Schneider
  • Schneider Variable Speed Drive
  • Bussmann Fuses
  • Change Over Switch
  • EAPL Timer
  • Schneider Soft Starter
  • Schneider Capacitor
  • Siemens Switchgear/Contactor/Relays

Our services

  • Realay Services
  • Relay Co-ordination
  • Consultancy Services
  • Testing & Commissioning
  • Retrofitting & Reparing
  • Maintenance Services
  • Protective Relays
  • HT Panel Spares