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Photographic chemicals manufacturer in India

Welcome to Pat Impex, Photographic Division

Pat impex is a registered and fastest growing manufacturer, supplier and exporter of best quality photographic chemicals in Vadodara, Gujarat, India since 2009. Our range of photographic chemicals widely recognized for its accurate composition and appropriate pH values.

Please find list of our Photographic chemicals for your need with customization and quality. 

  • Sodium Formaldehyde Bisulphite
  • Sodium Carbonate Anhydrous
  • Sodium Sulphite
  • Sodium Bromide
  • Potassium Bromide
  • Sodium Thiosulphate Crystals
  • Sodium Thiosulphate Anhydrous
  • Sodium Acetate Trihydrate
  • Sodium Acetate Anhydrous
  • Potassh Alum
  • Ammonium Alum
  • Sodium Meta Bisulphite
  • Ammonium Bisulphite Solution
  • Ammonium Thiosulphate Solution
  • Potassium Meta Bisulphite
  • Potassium Sulphite Solution
  • Sodium Bisulphite

Sodium Thiosulphate manufacturer in India

We offer Sodium Thiosulphate (Crystals) that is white shining crystalline material free from foreign particles. Our range is primarily used under the name of hypo, as a fixing agent in photography. It is also used as an anti color to remove excess of Chlorine from bleached fabrics. Moreover, these chemicals are also used in extraction of sliver and gold by lixiviation process.

  • It is used in the textile industry.
  • It is used as a picking agent in chrome tanning.
  • It is used to manufacture of sodium salt,in the form of sodium di-acetate.

The company carries out exports to countries such as USA, UK, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, countries in the Middle East and GCC region namely Kuwait, Sultanate of Oman, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Egypt, Syria, Jordon, Iran, Iraq,Qatar, Sudan, Yemen, Far East countries like the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand along with Pakistan, Bangladesh, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Brazil, Nigeria, Uganda and others.